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To be informed by our expert staff and our personnel trained in the most recent legislation and customs, practices, customs and Foreign Trade Act regulations, services and the necessary information about customs regulations, bank transfer and foreign exchange issues in the monitoring of export procedures.


All your operations are carried out in accordance with the technological works and developments carried out in accordance with the “Modernization of the Customs Undersecretaries” project. Transportation of goods, storage of import and export transit transfer declarations and all customs procedures are completed and all kinds of logistics services are delivered for transportation of goods coming or going by sea, air and road from or to abroad.

Who We Are?

Combining experience in customs clearance and foreign trade applications and the most advanced technologies with the changes that have occurred by developing projects with our fast and effective application services based on knowledge and creativity Onat Gümrük Müşavirliği Ltd. Şti. is a company that tries to make its customers preferred in their own sectors.

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Anything confuses your mind? Our expert staff is waiting to answer your questions. You can contact us via our contact form or by using the information on our contact page to get information about the topics you want.